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Knowledge Based Materials: Marie Curie Summer Schools Print

Welcome to the Internet portal of the 6th Framework Program Marie Curie funded Summer Schools: Knowledge Based Materials.

All Materials developed during this Summer School Series may be found at this LINK

These Summer Schools, which ran between 2005 and 2008, each lasting 10 days,  offered young researchers:



    • Presentations by 15 world-class materials scientists from all domains of materials science
    • A combination of observational methods, experimental procedures, theoretical developments and simulation techniques
    • A state of the art knowledge of the similarities and differences between natural and manufactured materials
    • Insights into current research at a wide range of scales
    • Training in  Science and Society, Science Management and Scientific Communication
    • Europe-wide contacts with researchers at all levels and from all materials science disciplines


The four summer schools were organised by :

2005 Prof Günter Gottstein, Aachen - Single Phase Materials
2006 Dr Sandra Piazolo, Stockholm - Composite and Polyphase Materials
2007 Dr Mark Jessell, Toulouse - Partial Melts & Amorphous Solids
2008 Prof Karel Schulmann, Strasbourg - Hydrous & Porous Systems

In order to provide a wider access to researchers in the European Union, to showcase the research skills of the participants and to capture the training materials prepared by the invited speakers and participants, Prof Paul Bons, Tübingen will combine the teaching materials developed for this course into a continuing Web Portal and CD-ROM resource from the beginning of 2006.

Themes of the 4 summer schools: